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"Tinker" RolePin Is your brain always ticking and your hands always busy? Are you constantly finding creative solutions for life’s mysteries? The Tinker pin would be a great fit! 
  • 1.5" Hard Enamel Pin
  • Black Nickel
  • 2 x Black Rubber Clutches
  • Backer Card

RolePins are a collection of hard enamel pins inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy tabletop role-playing games. Each pin can be applied to multiple classes or subclasses depending on your role.

Please note! The "seconds" pins are discounted because they contain small flaws or imperfections. All flaws are hard to spot at a distance. These can include: pitting in the enamel, overlapping of screen-printed elements, and/or small scratches or debris. The images shown are not of seconds. The number and severity of defects may vary from pin to pin. 

Product shots by yours truly. The in-situ shot was arranged and photographed by @xaichai

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